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Resonant Chamber by Animusic

The Works of Animusic

The composition in the above video, called Resonant Chamber, is one of the many masterpieces produced by the people at Animusic. The company was founded by Wayne Lytle along with Dave Crognale and they were making musical animations from back in the 1990's. They changed the name of their company from Visual Music to Animusic.

It is no surprise that their team members have strong backgrounds in both music and computer animations. Also, their team has received numerous awards for the high quality of their work.

The sophisticated graphics are astounding, and even more so when you consider that they are animated. Producing the coding for this is certainly no small task. What is more amazing is that they synchronize the animations perfectly with their beautiful musical compositions.

Their musical animations are works of genius not only because of the high quality workmanship, but also because they approach music production from a totally different perspective and make it work brilliantly.

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