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The Inspiration of the Poet by Nicolas Poussin


Inspiration is often highly valued, especially in fields where creativity is involved. This is understandable because many people define it (within the context or creativity) as a sudden increase in desire or motivation to create. One example of this could be the case where an artist decides to start painting again after seeing a beautiful picture. Inspiration can also be defined as the sudden conception of a creative idea.

As far as generating inspiration is concerned, there are some possible ways to generate it. Sometimes taking on a task can provide its own inspiration as summarized in the statement "Just do it". Sometimes learning about a creative person or experiencing a work of genius can inspire a person. Sometimes it is reading a brief quote or hearing a different point of view. And then there are times when inspiration comes without help from any of the above. The good news is that inspiration can come from any or all of these as well as a variety of other sources that are not listed. The bad news is that none of them is guaranteed to work. In fact, it is difficult to even predict when we will experience inspiration although we will certainly know it when we feel it.

With all of that being said, this page provides links to examples of geniuses and works of genius as well as to quotes and videos that relate to creativity. We hope that you find them to be inspirational. If not, then they will at least provide some interesting perspectives.