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For anybody who is interested in electronic music and urban beats you've probably checked into making your own music online.

If you have snooped around you can actually see a few different flash games and programs that are fun enough to play, a bit like DJ Hero, although when you get down to it you will not be making any real music with these sorts of games. There are lots of web programs that allow you to program your own beats and make your own music.

The truth is that to make good quality music on the internet you will need a proper recording studio, some good samples and also quite a bit of knowledge about music production.

You may also discover that you need some costly equipment as well if you want to do this correctly! How can you start creating rap, r&b, hip-hop, pop and dance music on your own computer without all the headaches of trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Well all of us are not in the position to do this, so if that sounds like you read on, and I will tell you how you can get started making music on the internet.

Of course you can do this using the technique above if you have the time and money, but a far less taxing solution is to use a program like Dub Turbo.

Dub Turbo is a complete online Digital Audio Workstation and you can use it to make pretty much all sorts of urban or electronic beat.

It has thousands of beats to pick from and also you can use the software to put your music together as well. In fact it's so dense with beats that it's pushing new music producers out before they even step in, and I love music too much to let that continue to happen.

What I believe is worse is when somebody takes the initiative and invests in their passion-to-be - whether that investment is $20, $90 or $300, or simply a lot of time - and then gives up because they're tired and overwhelmed by the technical jargon, music theory and lack of context in applying the things they learn.

The best thing about the software is that it allows a beginner to get started fast and start learning how to create their own beats, then once you have learned the basics you can move on and start making some more complex music!

If you ever wanted to make your own tunes then this is the time!

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