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Finding Outlets for Your Creativity
By Lori Chance

Do you ever have an hour or a day when you're feeling creative - but can't find the right outlet or enough time to express yourself? If you just sweep those feelings aside and soldier on to the next to-do item on your list of chores, you are doing a disservice to your Self.

That feeling of wanting to create something is one way your psyche is communicating with you. It's telling you that you need to make time for yourself and express those pent-up emotions that, if ignored, will manifest themselves in negative ways. You can't honor your Self and your core values unless you pay attention to those creative urges -and chances are the result from doing so is going to be something that positively enhances your life, career, or relationships.

Another advantage of expressing your creativity is that it provides an outlet for you to just be you. No one is going to judge your work. Let the creative juices flow and feel it energize your entire body and soul. You may also learn something about your Self that's completely new!

Creative Outlets

Of course every woman is different, but there are several categories of activities that are perfect for expressing creativity in harmless, fun, inexpensive ways.

Chances are the first type of creative outlet that comes to mind is art: painting, drawing, writing poetry or prose. If these are hobbies you already enjoy, then you've probably already got the necessary tools such as paints, pencils, journals, etc. Find a quiet corner of the house or take a walk in the woods and start capturing the first thing that pops into your mind. The subject matter may surprise even you! If you're a writer, lie down and close your eyes and let a story come to you. Focus on the details of the key characters, their surroundings, and their situations. Don't worry about getting it on paper; just let your thoughts flow.

If you're not a true "artist", there are still many ways to express your creative side. A lot of women enjoy decorating, craft, or home improvement projects. That spare bedroom crying out for fresh d├ęcor and a new coat of paint is a good place to start but even organizing a closet or arranging a bouquet of fresh flowers for your dining room table are excellent ways to let your imagination and organizational skills go to town. Scrap booking, sewing, or embroidery are more ways to dress up your surroundings while enjoying immersion in a creative activity.

Some women prefer physical expressions of their creativity. An hour's worth of stretching to new limits, performing new yoga moves, or freestyle dancing to your favorite tunes are more ways to be expressive. If playing sports is more your thing, find a partner or a team and make up some fresh and fun rules to the game; it's sure to keep you on your toes finding creative ways to play a familiar sport.

Don't forget that your imagination is always available. Whether you're making dinner, do a rote task at work, or driving on the freeway, allow your creative mind to take over and see where it leads - but do let it go. It's healthy and it's fun!

Lori Chance is a collaborative writer and editor specializing in how-to, informational, spiritual, and personal development articles and books. Her self-coaching book for women titled, Who Am I, is now available. To learn more about Lori, visit her website or connect with her on facebook.

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