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Music photography is something you can do well from, and you can learn how to sell photos in this somewhat neglected corner of the market. First of all you do not necessarily need a flashy looking camera for music photography, and although an external light source does help, it's not essential. By external light source I do not necessarily mean an expensive flash unit, even a variable bright spotlight on a stand can be adequate. Music photography involves taking pictures of local bands, and it is a great source of repeat business.

Here's a quick look at what many local bands experience in 12 months. They practice, play small gigs and try to get bigger gigs. They often argue about why they aren't famous, regularly change their band members, and can stay in this cycle continuously. Because this is the way they act, they constantly need new photographs of their band members, and in case you don't know about the music business - every music guide tells bands they need photographs if they want to get bigger gigs, and, naturally, up to date photographs of their line up.

It is very simple to understand how to sell photos in the music market and because of the nature of the industry there's lots of repeat business. As the bands go their separate ways and join other bands they bring with them their recommendation of your photography services.

Various bands often all rehearse in the same few practice rooms, and visit the same music shops. In most cases, anyone is allowed to hang posters in these practice rooms and shops free of charge. Therefore, getting paying customers is not a big problem anymore. It's possible to quickly establish yourself as the number one photography company in this medium, for your location.

If your equipment extends to basic studio lighting, you can meet bands at their rehearsal venues regularly and arrange to take their latest promo shots. Amounts you charge can vary, but if you conduct yourself professionally (and always give out your business cards) you can charge anything from around $200 dollars plus. For this the band gets your time for 2-3 hours, half a dozen prints and a disc of the shoot's images. Learn how to sell photos in this way and even a couple of jobs a week will provide a nice little earner.

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