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Discover How Creative You Are
By Stacy Wright

Ever wonder how creative you are? Do you consider yourself as a creative person? What are the skills you possess that makes you creative? Well, I guess that's too much to ask. Actually, every person in the world or even aliens (I guess) has their own sets of creative abilities. Some have already proven their worth but some prefer to make it private and not to let everybody know.

When we talk about creativity, what we have in mind are those people or stuff in the art, design, and entertainment industries. Art and creativity are partners because when you are creative you are also called artistic. Did you get the point? In terms of design, when people are attracted on a particular product or service, for personal use or not, this means that they like your creativity. I mean creativity is not just for tangible things. You can also become creative for all the things that you are doing. For example instead of singing a particular song in its original hymn you can add some reggae beats or hip-hop to make it cool. In terms of fashion you can add some accessories to make you look great. Accessories can add highlights to your dress and the way you look. You can impress more people with that.

We need creativity to rock our world. Don't you think it will be boring if there are no creativities that are flowing in our world? What do you think? Are you going to agree with that? You must be because for me it is true. Well, I cannot force you to believe me if you can't. Do you know any person who has proven their creativity to their industry? Do you know fashion designers like Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo, and Giorgio Armani? Have you seen their creations? Bet you already did and I know you are amazed, right?

Don't fret because you can also become creative like them. I know one thing on how to determine how creative you are. You don't need to earn those degrees or spent money in attending trainings and seminars. Let's do it on our own way. Don't you know that through scrapbooking you can test you creativity level? Aside from showing your creativity you will be able to speak your mind. Creativity and your thoughts are needed to develop eccentric designs and creations. Mix different colors and scrapbook supplies and you'll determine combinations that you never imagined before. Provide pictures to have a better representation on what do you want to convey. Or if not you can draw things you wanted or you dreamt of.

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