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Let's be honest, most of us would dearly like to be able to express ourselves via some artistic medium or another. We all have an inner soul, with thoughts and feelings that we desire to express through some or other means in a way in which we can be understood.

Some use the written word as a way of conveying our thoughts and emotions. A wide vocabulary and a charged imagination will, if we fulfill the objective we set out to achieve, create an image or inspire sentiment.

Others are blessed with the gift of making music. Whether the genre be classical, soul, ballad or rock the successful music writer will always create something, whether it is in instrumental or lyrical form, that will move us to another state, be it one steeped in nostalgia, feelings of love, a rush of adrenalin or any of a whole host of other emotions that we all pass through at various stages of our existence.

The photographer captures the magic of the moment for posterity. Whilst it takes very little in the way of subject knowledge or training to hold up a mobile telephone and snap away, the trained art in creating the ideal pose against the right background and with the light in the place we require it remains the prerogative of the professional, whose acquired expertise compliments his or her natural flair for creating the ultimate image for our optimum enjoyment.

So it is with the painter, whose talent is to be able to project not only the literal image as beheld by the naked eye but also the spirit of the subject and the emotions it induces to the audience.

Those who are blessed with the ability to draw or to paint exude a trait that is wholly unique to their kind, a sense of being at one with the tools of their trade in a way which almost absorbs them into the artist's own personality. A loving feel for the texture and for the consistency of the crayon, a perception of colour and hue that seems so much deeper than that that the rest of us experience as we take them so much for granted.

The finished product finds itself into our homes in so many different forms, not just as wall-mounted inspirational paintings but also as placemats, wallpapers, intuitive greeting card designs and so on. It gives character to our dwellings or our workplaces that in turn speaks out about our own personalities and desires.

In this age of mass-production in the realms of music and of visual entertainment it is reassuring that true art continues to inspire us as it always has done throughout the centuries.

Mark Richards is General Manager of The Middle Man, a low-cost online business promotion service driving traffic to its clients through article writing, free ads, blogging and social networking. He writes for Rana J. Rodger, painter of architectural portraits.

Article Source: On Inspired Landscapes and Expressions of Spirit in Art