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Whether you are stressed, problem solving, feeling stuck or uninspired, overwhelmed, or frustrated by others or yourself, nature is a key component in stirring new ideas and ways of being.

No matter what's going on in my life, when I step outside it's like walking into a dream. The greatest thing about it is, it's not a dream. It's right here, right now, waiting for me to align with and be inspired by.

There is nothing like kicking your shoes off and walking on the grass, or letting the sand squish between your toes, or lying down and watching the puffy white clouds shape shift in the sky.

Nature is pulsing with energy, life, and harmony. We are not separate from, but connected to this universal life force (God); how can we not be inspired by it?

Whether it's the sounds, smells, sights, or a combination of these, allow these beauties to not only stir your wonder, but ignite what's within...your originality and uniqueness.

For some, creativity seems to come naturally, while others struggle to know what it is, let alone apply it in their lives.

Go outside. Take a look around. See and feel what you are drawn to and what inspires you.

When you look at a tree, what words or feelings come to mind? Maybe words like strength, flexibility, movement, roots, home, reaching, etc.

What about when you look at the sun? Perhaps expressions like, warmth, brightness, aliveness, happiness, etc.

Or, what about a thunderstorm, a flower, the beach, a sunset or sunrise, rainbows, mountains, streams, oceans, or animals? What do you think of when you see these?

There is so much outside your home and/or office that can titillate your senses and arouse your imagination.

Allow nature to inspire your creativity, bring harmony back into your day, and touch your heart and soul by:

Having breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a cup of tea outside.
Going for a walk or swim.
Taking off your shoes and wading in the river or ocean, or going barefoot in the grass.
Sitting under or hugging a tree.
Lying down on the grass and watching the clouds shift or the stars twinkle.
Listening to the birds, waves, or trees blowing in the breeze.
Letting the sun shine upon you and warm your body.
Meditating outdoors.
Feeling the energy around and within you.
Allowing nature to speak to and through you.
Sleeping under the stars.
Not forcing ideas to come, rather allowing them to unfold.

There is a blank canvas in your mind awaiting your creativity. Maybe it's a new idea, solution, mindset, career, or perhaps even a new way of viewing and living life.

You are the painter, so step into nature and let your senses guide you as the colours, sights, sounds and smells ignite your inspiration.

My techniques into insight can assist you in being creative in all aspects of your life.

Kimberley Cohen is the Founder, Facilitator and Personal Insight Coach of The Insight Technique. She founded the Insight Techniqueâ„¢ - Your Insight to genuine Happiness, Purpose and Prosperity to assist herself and others in transforming limiting mindsets. Soar through the limiting beliefs holding you back and experience the freedom of unlimited possibilities. http://www.TheInsightTechnique.com

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