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Adults are being encouraged to use art materials to get back in touch with their creative side.

For most adults, the school classroom will have been the last place they used art materials to make paintings and pictures that truly allowed them to express their creativity in a productive way.

Using art materials can help frustrated adults rediscover the child inside them that has been looking for the opportunity to get out and play and the best thing is that previous artistic experience is not a necessity.

Aspiring artists can take inspiration from the legendary instructor and television host Bob Ross who encouraged a generation to pick up art materials and create no matter their level of expertise.

Bob Ross acquired a legion of fans as a result of his patient and eccentric demeanor when fronting his popular public television series The Joy of Painting, which ran from 1983 to 1994.

Ross gained fame by arguing that every person had an inherent artistic talent which could be developed given time and encouragement to practice with art materials on a regular basis.

He would console people who made errors with the catchphrase: "We don't have mistakes here, we just have happy accidents."

Ross told the Orlando Sentinel that his simplistic method of teaching might not be to everyone's taste but he made it easy for people to use art materials in order to create paintings regardless of their skill level.

He told the publication: "We show people that anybody can paint a picture that they're proud of. It may never hang in the Smithsonian, but it will certainly be something that they'll hang in their home and be proud of. And that's what it's all about."

Meanwhile, child development expert Sue Palmer has told the Sun newspaper that using art materials when playing with children is a great way to bond and stimulate the expressive side of their personality.

She said: "Buy all the essential ingredients for making pictures - models, masks, cards, costumes and decorations.

"Once you've got the basics, all you need is empty boxes, packaging, plastic bottles and a bit of imagination. Start collecting and recycling today."

Ms Palmer told the publication that children aged as young as three can enjoy the benefits of art materials by playing with products such as poster paints, brushes and pens.

Adults looking for creative presents for their children have been advised to buy art materials this festive period, according to Ms Palmer.

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