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Africa is home to the traditional arts, which are found in different styles. When you want to look at the traditional art, you must move towards the African art which is one of the oldest traditional arts. Most of the African arts represent human structures because its main focus was on the human figure. African artwork is crafted on woods and also on stones, but nowadays several metals are also used to design. They had a unique style for portraying arts in different manners. The designs are carved with great style and passion.

African art reveals their old traditions in a beautiful manner. There are several artworks available which would explain their unique style of living. Africans have also designed beautiful bags, crafts, masks, baskets and much more. African artwork shows their passion towards art. They have really toiled a lot to bring perfection to their art. The designs are mainly focused on living things which they visualize and represent through their artwork. The art describes about their work in an extraordinary way.

African sculptures differ from one region to other. The sculptures depicts about different cultures, which varies from one region to another. They have used several varieties of materials and techniques to design the sculptures. Materials and techniques also vary according to the region in which they lived.

The function of the sculptures also differs. Some have elongated body, angular shape and some have heart faced face. African sculptures are mainly made of clay. They clearly depict the difference in the way of life in each region. Jewelry differs a lot in their unique style. African jewelry possesses its own unique style. They are designed so elegantly to attract the fancy of almost every age group. If you want to impress someone with different styles, then your choice would be African jewelries, because they have their own beauty and style. African jewelry consists of earrings, bracelets, necklace and much more.

African instruments differ in their size, shape and purpose. They were usually designed in wood and leather was used to wrap them. They made instruments like drums, thump piano and so on. They also designed masks which also differ according to their region. Masks are usually made of wood. It really depicts about their past life in a beautiful manner. Some masks are round, some with irregular shapes and some elongated. African masks can turn you into a real African tribal. The mask shows their aggressive face and brings a certain element of mixed emotions out of us when we see them.

Apart from masks they also designed baskets and bags which were usually made up of fiber, beads, wire and so on. They varied in their shapes, sizes and in the purpose for which they are made. Mainly they used baskets for collecting food and other materials. African crafts are really fascinating to see because of the beauty it possesses. They made crafts such as elephant bookends, Sahara camel bookends, face bookends, candle holders, mirrors, beaded key chains and much more. So, get the African collections and enjoy their unique styles to relish the flavor of true African beauty.

Enjoy the extraordinary culture of Africa with unique African jewelry and African art. The author is an expert and has written several articles regarding African masks and African culture in the past.

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