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When it comes to learning more about photography, sometimes it's best to learn from your mistakes through practice. However, some of the top biggest beginner photography mistakes are those that actively waste time and can actually ruin your photos if you're not careful. Here are a few examples of such mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Be Aware of Your Flash: When you're using a camera for the first time, particularly a digital camera, be sure to turn the automatic flash feature off. There are some rooms and settings where the flash isn't needed, and if it goes off despite of this, you may end up with washed out, distorted photos. This is a good tip to consider when buying your camera as well. It's good to make sure your flash isn't too weak or too powerful. If you use a LED light, for example, you may end up with pictures that are grainy and shadowy, whereas if you pick a Xenon flash, your pictures may look unnaturally exposed as it overpowers any natural light sources.

2. Be Aware of Your Features: As tempting as it may be to take your camera out of the box and start snapping away immediately, do take some time to read the manual. Otherwise you may be missing out on countless opportunities to enhance and expand your techniques. A few useful ones include the image stabilizer, which helps enormously in preventing blurriness caused by small movements, or the Smile Shot, which only takes the picture after the subject has flashed a grin. The macro feature is one that allows you to capture impossibly small details, such as the scales of a butterfly's wing or the unique textures of a soap bubble. By learning about these firsthand, you will be able to take advantage of them right away.

3. Don't Limit Yourself to Just One Camera: One of the top biggest beginner photography mistakes would have to be believing that you can content yourself with just one camera. While some cameras do come with a wealth of different features, you are missing out if you only carry one, especially when it comes to more complicated shots, such as capturing a moving subject. You'll find that professional photographers have a wide selection of cameras and lenses at their disposal, allowing them to capture virtually any type of shot. While having a collection of cameras may seem like a pricey endeavor, they're more than worth their cost, especially if you pursue photography professionally.

Take actions to prevent these common mishaps, starting today. The more you practice, the more you will learn which features and settings suit you. This will leave you free to focus more on honing your reflexes and intuition.

Rick Valence is a camera repairs specialist at C.R.I.S. Camera Services in Chandler, Arizona. Along with being a camera and photography enthusiast, Rick especially enjoys pin up clothing photography. He also enjoys traveling around the world to find exotic regions and experiences to photograph.

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