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The Mind Map as a Creative Thinking Mechanism by Rose Angell
The mind Map is perfectly suited to innovative thinking as it consumes all the skills commonly found with creativity, specially imagination, association of ideas and flexibility. Psychological research has identified several fundamental elements in creative thinking including: the use of colours, shapes, dimensions, unusual elements, the adjustment of conceptual positions and response to an emotionally appealing objects etc. see article

How To Interest Your Audience by Irabor Akimien Mark
We do not want to be lectured to, no one enjoys that. Remember you must be entertaining or no one will pay attention. Also remember that one of the most interesting things in the world is sublimated, glorified gossip. So tell them stories of two persons you have known. Tell why one succeeded and why the other failed. They will gladly listen to that, remember it and possibly profit by it. It will also be far easier to deliver. see article

Innovation – How to Strengthen Your Mind by Crisologo Ramasasa
Your mind is the center of all your decision making process. It's the place where everything you would start always jibes what your mind dictates. If your mind is weak, your decision is weak and become inferior, on the other hand if your mind is strong, your decision making process is noteworthy. see article

Write As Though There's No Tomorrow by Tom R. Bentley
I sent an email to Nelson Mandela a little while back, asking him for an interview. These are interesting times––if you poke around a bit, you can often find a listed email address for all kinds of folks. Of course, the address I found for Mr. Mandela is probably one handled by a phalanx of administrative types who send most requests down a tube into large cellar vats, to be boiled with the suet and other table scraps. see article

A Sense Of Humor Increases Creativity by Steve Gillman
Does a sense of humor make for a more creative mind? Perhaps. There are certainly many creative and intelligent people who also like to have a good laugh. Consider the following two examples. see article

What to Do if You're Getting Stuck by Seth M. Baker
You know you're getting stuck when you begin to lose interest in hobbies and activities you used to love, but there are multitudes of ways to get going and get unstuck. They can be sorted distinct into four categories: action, expansion, miscellaneous, and creativity. see article

Cultivating Your Creative Resources for New Ideas by T. J. Philpott
Recognizing and cultivating the creative resources in our everyday environment helps encourage idea development. Unknowingly we are all guilty of not always identifying or engaging in situations that stimulate or more fully develop our creative thinking abilities. see article

Crazy Ideas: Why and How by Steve Gillman
There is a lot to be said for dreaming up crazy ideas, and doing so is more than just a way to exercise your creativity (although it's very good for that purpose too). Sometimes a crazy idea is not as crazy as it first appears, and sometimes it is, but becomes something more useful with a bit of work. see article

How to Break Into Acting – Do You Really Need Classes? by Godwin J. Kodan
Acting is a natural talent for many actors, and it demands realistic performance involved as a character. As a performer, actor has to exhibit the traits of the character and should be in a position to deliver performance to utmost perfection. From school days through the education career, did you ever participate in a stage drama or skit? see article

How to Write Love Poems by Chris Cornell
Love poems are a great way to express your affections for your loved one. It is a sweet way of showing your feelings as you put your efforts into writing one. see article

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