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The Art Of Creative Thinking: How To Be Innovative And Develop Great Ideas by Vern Burkhardt
See or make connections between ideas that seem far apart, look to nature for models and principles to solve problems, make the familiar strange and the strange familiar, cultivate curiosity, ask lots of questions, observe, be a good listener, and read to generate questions. Reading without reflecting is comparable to eating without digesting. These are but some of the many useful bits of advice that Dr. John Adair offers in The Art of Creative Thinking. see article

Seven Habits of Creative People, and How They Change the World by Mary Campbell
Marcel sits alone, at his workstation with his head in his hands. It is Monday morning and he cannot believe he is here, in this same situation yet another day, another month, another year. He had sworn to himself that this year would be different. But it wasn't. It was the same. He is not sure which is more soul–destroying: the problem that causes his unhappiness, or his sense of powerlessness to change it. He knows that if he could just solve this one problem, everything else would fall into place. The trouble is, no matter what he tries nothing seems to work. Marcel doesn't need money to change his world. What Marcel really needs is a bit of creativity. see article

The Cycles of Creativity by Emily Hanlon
The initial spark of inspiration is creativity's calling card. It can be an idea for a poem, sculpture, dance or concerto, a new garden, business or invention, a Halloween costume, a party or a gift; it can be a vision of you in a new relationship to others and to Self. see article

A Brief Overview of How To Do What You Love by David Depaul
Open mind, flexible, thinking to the edge of the box, these are the traits required to do what you love and actually get paid for it. Often times people I talk to have it stuck in their head that things can only be a certain way like "I love to paint but I could never make enough at it to live" or "I want to surf for a living but no one can really do that and make money except the pros". see article

Feed Your Mind, Think Bigger by Renita Kalhorn
Imagination is like a muscle: if we exercise it, it will grow more powerful and agile. Being imaginative, however, is not just about being artistic or creative – it's having the ability to see alternative possibilities beyond what's immediately apparent. see article

Creative Visualization Tips by Anthony Painter
Creative visualization is a must have trait for anyone in a creative job such as copywriting or designing. It enables you to visualize whatever it is you wish to achieve, and even if you are not immediately involved in the creative processes, you can use this art to make your job simpler. see article

Innovate or Create? by Julie Austin
After spending the day speaking to several different groups about creativity and innovation I realized how hard it was to convince people that they are both important. Even though creativity and innovation are two different things, they also go hand in hand. To be innovative you have to be creative. see article

10 Steps To Clear Thinking by Steve Gillman
Does your mind sometimes feel like a television station you can't quite tune in? You know there's an interesting program on – or several, but everything is mixed with static. What if you could "tune in" at will, have clear thinking whenever you want it? Try some of the following see article

Increase Creativity: By Developing The Curiosity Habit by Dan Goodwin
Learn about other people's creativity, by talking with those you already know. Enquire about their methods, techniques and habits, be curious about what they find effective and useful in their creative lives, and why. see article

Increase Your Creativity by Travelling Light: How To Ditch That Negative Mental Baggage! by Dan Goodwin
Imagine that every time you went anywhere – whether it was to work, to a friend's, to a restaurant, to the shops - you had to gather up all the possessions you had and take them with you. Every time. Everything you own and have collected over the period of your life, all bundled up together and taken along for the ride. see article

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