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On Inspired Landscapes and Expressions of Spirit in Art by Mark P. Richards
Let's be honest, most of us would dearly like to be able to express ourselves via some artistic medium or another. We all have an inner soul, with thoughts and feelings that we desire to express through some or other means in a way in which we can be understood. see article

You Don't Have To Suffer To Live A Creative Life by Mary McNeil
There's a predicament faced by the majority of creative types. A challenge that's often assumed to be unsolvable. A problem that supposedly comes automatically with the territory of wanting to live a creative life. And that predicament is the dilemma of how you, as a creative, can fill your life with your art and still make enough money to pay the bills. see article

Recreating Our Imagination by Bart Sharp
As a child growing up in the rough rural countryside of Texas in the fifties and sixties I was given a large amount of time to create what my imagination desired. It was a rich world full of made of stories, games and projects created from my imagination. see article

Oops! It's Okay to Make Mistakes by Robert Elson
One of the biggest reasons why you might not nurture your creative side is fear – fear of making a mistake, fear of not getting something exactly right, fear, fear, and more fear. "What if I mess up?" "What if people laugh at me?" "What if this is just a foolish notion?" Unfortunately, that is going to happen. Everybody fails sometimes; but it's okay. Failure isn't fatal or permanent. see article

The Vast Power of Cooperative Thinking, AKA Brainstorming, AKA Masterminding by Bill L. Barnes
You are perfectly capable of doing your own thinking. It is a great thing for you to have confidence in your own thoughts. And the power of your ability to form ideas, methods, goals and solutions to problems while working alone is incalculable, however, there is a way for you to literally multiply that vast power. see article

Innovation Can Change Your Life by Piet Hein Bredero
We all possess "hidden talents". The Power of Innovation is one of the most common of these talents. You might have scratched your head now and again wondering why some people are so creative while you are not. Well, guess again. see article

Creative Solutions Using 'What If?' by Steve Gillman
For the most creative solutions you need to get your mind looking in new directions. One of the most systematic ways to do this, is with a list of words, primarily adjectives, to create "what if?" scenarios. see article

Mind Mapping Is Like Creating A 3 Star Dish by Arjen Ter Hoeve
Most people look at mindmaps as being a nice picture of some information. They see the art of the map. The end result is an image. The end result is art. see article

The 7 Secrets to Creativity by Kurt DuNard
Do you sometimes wish you were more creative? Do you find it hard to come up with perfect gifts for your friends and family? When you are asked to give a speech, is it hard to think of the best words that will keep everyone interested? Are your solutions to problems the same ones that did not work before but you are thinking if you just do it with more vigor then they may work? We need to exercise our creative muscle or it will atrophy and turn to flab. Creativity is what made America great and the lack of it could bring us into decline. see article

You're Not Mad, You're Creative by Orna Ross
To have a high degree of creative intelligence is a gift - but because our society, schools and workplaces privilege more conventional and conformist intelligences, it is not always experienced that way. If you, or your nearest and dearest, do not understand what it means to be creatively intelligent, in everyday terms, a great deal of suffering can ensue. see article

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