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Naturally Increase Your Creativity and Intuition Using Alpha Meditation by Richard Weber
When you are dreaming, your predominant brainwaves are in the 7–12hz range that we call 'Alpha.' Achieving this state while still conscious can dramatically improve your creativity. see article

The Importance of Percolation by Lael Johnson
Percolating over a creative process is not procrastination, though it may look like it from the outside. Percolating over a chosen creative project, happens at any point along the creativity continuum, from choosing an idea, developing plans, creating the product to displaying the project. see article

Unleash Your Creativity with Random Word Stimulation by Milo Bono
Random Word Stimulation is a powerful technique that provides a practical method of accessing your subconscious mind to better utilize the wealth of information within. Regular practice strengthens connection to the subconscious mind, which in turn endows the practitioner with greatly enhanced thinking skills. see article

Best Tricks To Learn Creative Design by Frederic Padilla
Nowadays, a lot of computer programs are invented to help people make attractive and great design. However, you will not be able to create an attractive and beautiful design without learning more about the techniques. see article

The Art Of Thinking by Steve Gillman
What do I mean by the art of thinking? It may seem that powerful thinking should simply be logical, and nothing more. The ideal thinker then, might be Spock, the "Vulcan" in the "Star Trek" television show and movies. Of course, if you watch the program, you may recall that the humans aboard the spaceship had most of the solutions and new ideas. Spock only knew how to analyze. see article

New Ways to Free Your Creativity – The Experimental Sandbox by Dan Goodwin
Brian Wilson, after creating what many consider the finest pop album of its time &ndash Pet Sounds – famously went through a period of composing the follow up album – Smile – sitting at his piano in a sandbox in his living room. He claimed it aided his creativity because it replicated the feel of being at the beach and "created a mood that was magic". see article

A Lesson In Thinking Outside The Box by Steve Gillman
When innovators talk about thinking outside the box, they mean coming up with creative ways to solve problems – new ways to look at things. How do they do it? How can you do it too? We first have to ask what the "box" is. Then we can look at how to get outside of it. see article

The 7 Keys To Your Creative Genius by Eric Garner
Here are 7 ways you can instantly access your natural creativity and create anything you like. see article

Creativity and Rebellion: Why They Go Hand–in–Hand by Tom Filsinger
Studies on creative people have consistently demonstrated that creativity is associated with openness to new ideas, risk–taking, and being inner–directed. Do these traits put creative people at odds with the culture and people around them? The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. see article

A Few Great Brainpower Tips by Aaron Aberson
There are a few simple things you can do to remain sharp in life. Several small changes will vastly help to improve your brainpower, and done on a daily basis will keep your brain in its prime condition. We all want our brain to be at its best, function well and worry when we begin to forget things, or struggle to do simple puzzles or games. see article

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