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Arts & Crafts to Improve Your Childs Learning by Michiel Van Kets
Making a craft of any particular form is the way an individual can show creativity in what they are doing. Often you will find that when crafts are made there is a specific purpose in mind, perhaps Christmas or Birthday presents, or just a simple thank you to a friend or relative. see article

The Secret Recipe for Creativity by Diana Yousfi
Why are some people so creative? Sometimes, you meet a person that just seems to have a spark of creative genius in everything that they do, while other times, you meet people who are devoid of even the slightest hint of anything that could possibly be considered creative. Which kind of person are you? Are you the creative genius or do you struggle to reach your full creativity potential? see article

3 Fun Ways to Stimulate Creative Thinking by Shannon Bush
Creativity: it's your unique personal expression. It is the way you interact with yourself and others. It is also a very fun and exciting part of your self to work with when you want to manifest (create) something in your life. It might be that you want to make a change, embrace a new way of living or being, build a successful business grounded in your passion and purpose, define and live a life you love with authenticity and joy. see article

Two Creativity Tips by Steve Gillman
The two creativity tips that follow suggest two of the dozens of basic questions you can ask to increase the creativeness of your thinking. Ask these as you work on something, and you can see more creative results today. see article

Mind Power Through Mindfulness by Steve Gillman
Basic mindfulness exercises put you in a state of awareness where distractions are let go, and your mind power is able to function more effectively. They help you think more clearly and concentrate better. They are also easy exercises to do. see article

Perfectionist? Meet the High Achiever by Valery Satterwhite
There is a distinction to be made between a high achiever and a perfectionist. The former strives for excellence while the later accepts nothing less that the impossible perfection in themselves and their work. see article

How To Sell Photos To Up And Coming Bands In Your Area! by Paul Summers
Music photography is something you can do well from, and you can learn how to sell photos in this somewhat neglected corner of the market. First of all you do not necessarily need a flashy looking camera for music photography, and although an external light source does help, it's not essential. see article

How To Think Clearly– Clearing Your Worries for a Solution to Your Problems by Martin Cohn
At first, the title may seem to be either too simple, or lacking the understanding of what problems can be like. However, it is so true. You simply will find it too difficult to solve problems when you are so overcome by worry, either for that particular problem, or in general. Understanding this further will require some explanation. see article

Inside the Mind of a Magician by Austin Hackney
We all spend a lot of time looking at our favourite magician's hands, props, lovely assistants, maybe reading the books he's written or studying the DVDs that he's released. No doubt there's a lot we can learn from all that, but do you know, there's one thing that isn't publicly available and yet it is the MOST important thing that beginner magicians (and, come to think of it, quite a few more experienced magicians, too!) need to learn. And it's this: what is going on inside a successful magician's mind? see article

Discover How Creative You Are by Stacy Wright
Ever wonder how creative you are? Do you consider yourself as a creative person? What are the skills you possess that makes you creative? Well, I guess that's too much to ask. Actually, every person in the world or even aliens (I guess) has their own sets of creative abilities. Some have already proven their worth but some prefer to make it private and not to let everybody know. see article

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