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Mindmap Calzone, Or Changing Your Perspective Without Changing The Content by Arjen Ter Hoeve
Yesterday I had a training day with a group of people who wanted to learn more on how to manage their information. It as a very interesting day. During the mind mapping part of the day, I told the group that mind mapping is a wonderful tool to take your 'normal' or linear information and create a different perspective on that information. see article

Photography Blunders: Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid by Rick Valence
Budding photographers have a lot to learn when it comes to taking vibrant, original pictures. This article will help you avoid the more obvious beginner mistakes. see article

How to Invent Recipes Yourself by Christine Szalay Kudra
Perhaps using a recipe search engine and making up your own recipe sounds like a contradiction in terms but recipe searches can be a useful tool. Most ingredients which go together well are already used together in an existing recipe somewhere, if you think about it. see article

How To Make Music Online – Want To Make Real Music? Check This! by Isaac Alston
The truth is that to make good quality music online you will need a proper recording studio, some good samples and also quite a bit of knowledge about music production. see article

Necessity is the Mother of Invention by Dave Tomlinson
Since human life began, there has been an enormous process of evolution and development. This can be seen in the various historical periods such as the Stone Age, the Middle Ages, Iron Age and more recently, the Industrial Revolution and Machine Age. In every one of these eras, man has used innovative ideas to create change in order to cater to his rising needs. see article

Having A Creative Imagination by Victor Epand
Well if you're short on money and want to get him/her something meaningful then you can try to be creative. One route to go is to use your imagination. Write a poem telling them how much you value what they have and how much you value the relationship and frame it as well as a picture of the two of you together. see article

Is Creative Block Just Part of Your Process? by Valery Satterwhite
Blocked! Words are not spilling onto the page; color choices elude you; you can't embody the character you've been chosen to portray. Simply put, you're stuck! see article

There's No "Waiting" in the Creation Process! by Fia Crandall
If there's one thing that slows down the momentum of anything spiritually conscious people are trying to create, it's "waiting". see article

Mind Mapping Yourself Into Focus by Suzanne Holman
Mind mapping can seem like such a disorderly process. You pull out a big sheet of paper, get the markers rounded up, and start writing, drawing circles and lines in all directions. How can this help with focus? see article

Ways to crank up your Creativity by Donald Ogilve
Creativity is a quality that we all have buried inside of us, one way or the other. It involves the invention of something new or the re–invention of something already existing to make it useful of interesting. see article

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