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Jumpstart Your Creativity Using Mindfulness by Marvin Berenson
Mindfulness tunes your mind, sharpens your thinking, puts you into a feeling state, overcomes tendencies toward alienation. It is a great tool to enhance the development of your creativity. The article describes the benefits of careful focusing and the attention to details in your internal and external worlds and reactions. see article

Just do it! by George Allan
I believe one of the worst things you can do for your creativity and sanity is to presume that what you are doing has to somehow be important and notable. see article

But We've Always Done it This Way: Top Ten List by George Torok
While you bite your tongue or fume at that response consider this Top Ten List of the Real Meanings of "But we've always done it this way". see article

Brainstorming Techniques: Learn to Quickly Harness Your Creativity by Adam Chalker
Learning a few simple brainstorming techniques can help you quickly get your creative juices flowing. Brainstorming rapidly generates many ideas; with a longer and better list of ideas, you have more choices to select from when you decide to take action. This article will overview a two– part structured brainstorming technique for quickly generating and then evaluating a list of ideas. see article

Improve Your Creativity With These 5 Easy Tips by JD Hoopes
We are all creative in our own, unique ways. Creativity is the ability to think up and design new inventions, produce works of art, solve problems in new ways, or develop an idea based on an original, novel, or unconventional approach. It's being able to see something in a new way. These five suggestions will help you improve upon your innate creativity. see article

What is Inspiration and Where to Find It by Amy Twain
Sometimes, I used to think what exactly is inspiration? I looked in the dictionary and thesaurus and found out that inspiration is similar with vision (which most people have), genius (hmm...maybe only a chosen few of us are), and also it's synonymous to influence (now, this really depends on the person and circumstances). see article

Starfruits Of Southeast Asia by Dinah Jackson
Sometimes known as carambola, I much prefer the name starfruit, for when cut crosswise, that's exactly what they look like– bright yellow stars. There are several varieties of starfruit, all of them native to the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines. see article

5 Ways to Develop Your Creativity by Karen Loye Porter
Are you a person who doesn't consider yourself to be a "creative type?" So often we hear people say, "I'm just not creative." If that sounds like you, bannish the thought! The fact is, every one of us is creative by nature –– some of us just need to dig a bit deeper to find it. see article

12 Steps To A Creative Venture And How To Keep It by Rick S. London
Become a voracious reader. Read especially biographies and autobiographies of persons who have achieved what it is you are trying to accomplished. You might be surprised how much these creators and inventors reveal about themselves and the tricks of the trade. see article

When Your Looking To Stand Out From The Crowd, Start A New Fad by Jane Kenton
There are things besides cloths that come and go as fads and trends. We see it in popular music as well as movies and television. Whenever something hits big, in any sort of entertainment media, there are a slew of copycats almost before you can blink see article

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