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How to Drop Your Creative Resistance by Valery Satterwhite
The simple truth is creativity functions best when you let go of resistance to the creative flow. Resistance comes in many forms. Anxiety over a creative block is a form of resistance. see article

Decrease Anxiety – Increase Creativity, Empowerment and Authenticity by Morgan Dragonwillow
If you feel anxiety at even the thought of creating yet have a deep yearning to be creative, this is a starting point for transformation. Using this simple tool to discover your own creativity can be empowering leading you to your authentic self. see article

How to Unblock Writer's Block by Lourens Durand
Julia sits down at her word processor to start writing her great novel. There is no immediate inspiration, she cannot concentrate, so she plays a few games of Solitaire to relax, to get into the mood. Still no inspiration. see article

How to Awaken Your Creative Genie by Wee Dilts
One of the reasons you stop creative efforts is your feel you are not getting the praise you want from others. Consider the praise and growth you get from the Universe. Another reason you stop creating is you think your creation is not as good as others; so what? It's yours. Stop comparing your projects with other people's. see article

Witness The Masterpiece In African Art by Martin Akinseye
Africa is home to the traditional arts, which are found in different styles. When you want to look at the traditional art, you must move towards the African art which is one of the oldest traditional arts. see article

Learning Creative Design Easily by Frederic Padilla
Nowadays, a lot of computer programs are invented to help people make attractive and great design. However, you will not be able to create an attractive and beautiful design without learning more about the techniques. Yes, having more understanding about the basic things in creative design will be very important in order to make exceptional and beautiful design. Here are some basic tricks to make your design more attractive and exceptional. see article

The Importance of Imaginary Play: 5 Benefits of Playing Pretend by James Druman
If you look at the education system on any country in the planet, you'll notice that there is one part of learning that is severely underrated and ignored, leaving room for a sole focus on repetition and memorization or simply a large focus on mathematics and science. see article

Creativity 'The Rewards of Living Outside the Box' by Richard van Beek
Developing a creative mindset involves taking time for recreation to explore your interests, passions and talents. When you immerse yourself in art and play, the wellspring of creative potential within you can begin to flow into all areas of your life. see article

Teaching Gifted Students And Teaching Creativity Effectively by Vince Welsh
Teaching gifted students requires that teachers have the techniques and strategies to meet the academic and emotional needs of gifted students. Teaching creativity is also just as important as learning how to teach the gifted and talented and requires specific techniques as well. Educators must learn how to identify gifted students, approach their talents, and learn how to appropriately enhance each student's giftedness. see article

Julia Cameron's Tools Of Creativity by Kate Loving Shenk
I have loved Julia Cameron from the moment I discovered her in 1993, and started haltingly to do the Morning Pages, which I do off and on to this day. see article

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