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How Nature Can Inspire Your Creativity by Kimberley Cohen
Whether you are stressed, problem solving, feeling stuck or uninspired, overwhelmed, or frustrated by others or yourself, nature is a key component in stirring new ideas and ways of being. see article

Rediscover Your Creativity with Art Materials by Martin Hofschroer
For most adults, the school classroom will have been the last place they used art materials to make paintings and pictures that truly allowed them to express their creativity in a productive way. see article

Different Modes of Learning through Different Styles of Play by James Druman
Most parents these days know that there is more to their children playing around than just wasting time and being a goofball—the role of play is often more about developing necessary skills for life. To understand how this could be, compare a child's play to the way many other young mammals play. see article

Kids and Craft by Bernice Kidd
If you are a parent, crafting is one of the most rewarding activities you can do with your children. Here are some fun ideas and tips for crafting with your children. see article

A Portrait of the Artist in the Contemporary World by Irina Serban
What is an artist? Most dictionaries will answer to this question as being a person who creates things through great skill and imagination. see article

Leading Creative Teams: 11 Key Principles by William Comcowich
To harness creative attributes and obtain superior work from employees and vendors of creative services, bosses and clients must understand their crucial role in the creative process. see article

How to Transform Perfectionism Into Creativity by Morgan Dragonwillow
It just doesn't feel good when you go out to plant a garden and you are frozen with anxiety over what SHOULD be planted where. Or you want to color and the anxiety of getting it just RIGHT makes you want to curl in a ball and cry. The thought of not being able to get it just PERFECT stops you in your tracks every single time. For some perfectionism is the only thing stopping them and they may not even know it. see article

A View on the Relationship Between Intelligence and Creativity by Tom Bruno Magdich
Imagine you are walking alone, on your way home, late at night and you are suddenly surrounded by 2 hefty muggers. Just as they are about to accost you, time freezes and out of nowhere Neo, the hero character from the Matrix Trilogy appears and grants you one wish. see article

Bringing Back Your Creativity by Chava LeBarton
Many people feel as if they are not creative. The truth is that every human being is innately creative but their creativity has just been lying dormant like a seed waiting to sprout. Learn some fun exercises to begin bringing back your creativeness. see article

To Compose Music, First Learn To Improvise by Kevin Sinclair
One of the greatest motivators of learning to play an instrument for most people is the thought of being able to compose their own music, to take their talent to a new level, and use their music to express their inner feelings. The first step to take to learn how to compose your own music is to learn the art of improvising. The good news is that it isn't as hard as you think. see article

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